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Cheap Accommodation Rates Come With a Price

Posted on January 12, 2010 by dorisch

These days, people can get really fussy when it comes to choosing the best accommodation deals. Just when you think the rates are low and travelers should take it easy with facilities and demands, they are still expecting value for what they paid for.

While waiting to check into a hotel some years back, I recalled a lady complaining about the hotel lobby. It wasn’t a five star hotel but a decent three star and she was complaining about the chip off on the stainless steel tile and the peel-off paint on the furniture. I thought she was being too fussy!

Cheap accommodation rates are easily available when travelers holiday during off peak seasons. But sometimes the best accommodation deals can mean lesser expectations on the interiors and room furnishings. If you lower your expectations, you avoid feeling disappointed and focus on the essence of the vacation. But with online booking, you can always check out the hotel first before placing your reservations. If in doubt, always drop an email to the hotel or find out more about what you are paying for.

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