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Sunny Florida for Family Vacations 0

Posted on October 30, 2009 by dorisch

One of many families’ favorite vacation spots is sunny Florida. The big theme parks like to put together package deals to make planning your trip easier. Most of these package deals will include everything from airfare, tickets to the park, rental cars and even free parking at the park. Thus, it’s not hard getting the bargain accommodation if you are traveling this way.

Because Florida is such a big hit with families, hotels often offer ‘kids eat for free’ deals. This can be a huge savings for a family of four. The hotels that offer these discounts are generally the ones that are kid friendly and offer activities to keep the kids busy when not at the parks. I mean, what more can one asks for – nice hotels with copper sinks with good facilities for some packages.

Getting there can be one of the biggest expenses of your trip so check to see if the airlines are offering any specials to your destination. You may find a buy one ticket get another for half price deal or some offer special rates for kids under a certain age. If youíre shopping for the best airfare at ìthe right timeî you may even stumble onto a fantastic deal that an airline is offering to fill up seats on specific flights. These are generally deals that are offered for a very limited time, so have your credit card ready when you search.

Airlines and travel agencies will often feature promotional periods where they will take care of everything for your entire family for one price. These promotions are usually offered just once or twice a year to create a buzz for their business. If your timing is right you can take advantage of one of these deals. Ask around to see when and if your airline or travel agent offers these.

Luau in Hawaii 0

Posted on October 30, 2009 by dorisch

While chatting with a friend the other day, she asked me if I had attended a Luau show during my Hawaii vacation. The answer is ‘yes’.

We booked ourselves to a 7 day cruise in the Hawaii waters and during one of the nights, we had a Luau party. This is a show that is usually put on by Hawaiian natives which includes certain types of dancing in certain types of clothes or covers put together by the natives, and then a luau feast follows. Couple of the tourists whom we got aquainted to were sinking themselves into fun – it was a good break from their life insurance quotes business.

Hawaii is mostly known for its unique cultures, but over the years it has been gaining a more popular reputation for its hosting of Arts and Cultural events. Old World offers unique exhibits to look at and they occasionally take these exhibits around the world. They offer lots of cultural celebrations throughout the year, and one of the most popular is a Hula show. Another not to miss exhibit is the Monet which has been a permanent exhibit for years in Hawaii.

Chill Out in Beautiful Hawaii 0

Posted on October 30, 2009 by dorisch

Three years ago, our family spent about two weeks in the beautiful islands of hawaii – it was beautiful and memorable. In fact, I spent many nights searching for the best accommodation deals for the entire trip. It was worth my time as my family had a great time.

Maui, Hawaii is one of the most traveled to and more popular islands. Accommodation is abundant on Maui, from bed and breakfasts to normal hotels and resorts, to vacation ownership, one could say that the island is indeed a fantastic place to stay. Some of the activities and attractions would include land adventures, sky adventures, water sports and play, and wellness and rejuvenation centers.

Outdoor adventures have to rank in the top things to do in Maui, Hawaii. There are tons of rainforests that people hike or take specially guided hiking tours through. Lounging on a secluded or public beach, just relaxing yourself in the sun and listening to the waves of the ocean would be an outdoor adventure, especially for anyone that works an inside type job. Probably one of the most interesting outdoor adventures to take there would be one of the many professionally guided tours through the volcanoes and mountains. A lot of people like to mountain bike through these regions because of the terrain, it helps keep their bodies in a more fit condition, allowing you exercise in one of the most grueling ways.

Most people tend to focus their hawaii holidays in waikiki if time is a constraint. Searching for hotel waikiki is easy and the choices limitless. Whether it’s a vacation in Waikiki or Maui, Hawaii is just the place to chill out, relax and enjoy with your family.

Phuket Trip: A Favourite Destination 0

Posted on October 24, 2009 by dorisch

Earlier this year, we traveled to Phuket with a few good friends and had a jolly good time. The tropical of Phuket is also known for its boasting of numerous amazing Phuket islands, Phuket hotel resorts, Phuket villas and private islands which make this land all the more attractive and a favorite destination for travelers. It is not hard to find the best accommodation deals in Phuket Island at affordable prices.

All the exciting features of a tropical island can be found at Phuket ranging from coral sandy beaches and azure seas to plush vegetation hills and Cobalt seas. While the nature lovers can find solace in secluded beaches, adventurous people can go on treks through waterfalls and jungles. Even the worshippers of Sun can experience peace of mind at the Phuket islands. For those sun worshippers, you may want to get ready those weight loss supplements before heading for your beach holiday.

There are various Phuket hotel resorts that offer the tourists with the facilities of luxurious swimming pools, spas and other modern amenities. Various private islands have also gained a high place as the number of tourists increase with each passing year.

Online Travel and Online Education 0

Posted on October 22, 2009 by dorisch

With the today’s advanced technology, not only do we make our plans with the help of the computer, we save on our trips with better accommodation rates.

People travel not just for business and leisure. Some travel for education and some for medical. But technology has made it possible for people to learn from the comforts of their homes that travel is not needed at all. For instance, when you need an education in online Masters of Science in Information Security, you can do this at your own time and convenience without spending on the extras of accommodation. I recalled setting aside a budget for my accommodation when I was pursuing my Masters degree years ago. But with a qualified degree at an online university, you can study while still holding on to a job, if that’s what you need.

Online education has opened up many doors for many people, just like online travel. With technology, our lives have been made simpler and better. Don’t you agree?

What Las Vegas Can Offer 0

Posted on October 13, 2009 by dorisch

As we all know, Las Vegas offers many activities for you to engage in besides golf. While the golf courses are challenging, you may be distracted by the casinos, clubs, and shows that are taking place around you. Staying in one of the casino hotels will give you a front row seat to everything that is happening in Vegas.

While most people enjoy golfing in warm weather, if you are looking for crisp autumn breezes, golfing in Chicago or Colorado may be the answer. If you want to travel and golf, visit places that are far from home. This will give you a great opportunity to challenge yourself and improve your game while seeing the many sites that these towns and cities have to offer. If you are traveling with people who are not as passionate about golf as you are, they will have plenty to do while you hit the green.

After a good game of golf, most golfers will gather for a good gourmet meal to celebrate the day and if you are one of them, don’t forget to bring along your natural fat burner! Golfing can be a great way to keep trimmed and fit with all the swings and walking. It’s also a good way to network and relax the mind as you spend the day at the greens.

Searching for Best Accommodation Deals at Broadbeach 0

Posted on October 04, 2009 by dorisch

In two months’ time, I’ll be heading to Brisbane for a 2 weeks vacation. After much thinking, I’ve decided that this is one destination where I can save some money on accommodation. Perhaps, spending a few days at the Gold Coast will eat into my tight budget but if I can secure some best accommodation deals, it will still be alright.

As I am wondering how to occupy my active child throughout the trip, I figure out that I need to bring him some travel board games and maybe a few textbooks to keep it balanced. Too much of an activity may not be the best thing for him so I need to really plan.

It’s been a few years since I last visited the Gold Coast. I miss Surfers Paradise and the beaches. This time, I will be staying at Broadbeach for a less crowded scene. I can’t wait to go slow, relax by the beach, go for walks and taking things slow with my little boy. Although I wish daddy can come along, I will make the best out of the trip with just two of us.

So the next few days, I will be checking out some best accommodation deals at Broadbeach before the apartments are overbooked by holiday makers.

Getting Ready for the Road Trip 0

Posted on October 03, 2009 by dorisch

Going on a road trip with the family can be a fun experience. Sometimes you don’t need to fly to somewhere for a vacation. A camping trip or a road trip for a few days can be a great way to spend wonderful moments together.

Weeks before your road trip, you should ensure that you get your rv repair done as this will ensure a smooth and uninterrupted expedition. The last thing you want is to experience a car breakdown in the middle of no where and the family trip can be miserable. So as much as you are building the excitement among the kids, make sure the car is well serviced above your packing and preparation.

With careful planning, your road trip can be fun and exciting. It will leave wonderful memories with the family for years to come.

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