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Finding Destinations with Cheap Accommodation Rates

Posted on August 08, 2009 by dorisch

We’ve been discussing about our yearly family vacations and looks like I won’t get my desired holiday from the look of it. The economy has certainly affected our business and naturally, it won’t be right to spend unnecessarily. One condition was set by the man of the house with regards to the family vacation, that is, find destinations with cheap accommodation rates!

Well, my cousin was fortunate to book her family for Branson vacations this coming fall. They have planned this for a while and the children are excited about it. Children love vacations especially if they get to do the things they like. Family vacations are great for bonding and relaxation.

Though I haven’t thought hard about our family vacations. I know I had to start looking out for destinations with cheap accommodation rates before I can convince my hubby. If you need to check and compare hotel rates, here’s one great site to look up –

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