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Cheap Accommodation Deals in NATAS Fair 0

Posted on August 28, 2009 by dorisch

The NATAS fair is on again in Singapore and I happen to be in Singapore this trip to check out all the attractive offers. Not only are there lots of cheap accommodation rates up for grabs, there are many attractive airfare deals too.

My trip to Singapore is a nice one so far. The long walks in the new ION Orchard mall reminds me that I’m no longer as young as I think I am. I actually got so tired from walking up a couple of floors! I did manage to witness the barcode scanner at work when I did a little shopping but my stamina for shopping isn’t like before!

Shopping in Singapore is always good for me. The variety is plentiful and there are always new and creative things to see. It is refreshing and inspiring. I’m hoping that I can book my family for a good family vacation during this Natas fair. It is a good opportunity to take advantage of cheap accommodation rates and all the best travel deals around. Don’t forget to compare hotels during the promotion to get the best out of your dollar!

Visiting National Parks with the Family 0

Posted on August 21, 2009 by dorisch

National parks and family vacations just seem to go hand in hand. In fact, most people over the age of 35 have at least one fond childhood memory of a national park family vacation. Today, many parents long to recreate that magical childhood vacation experience with their own children; but at the same time they worry about appropriate access.

Visiting National Parks is educational for the children and is a great opportunity for family to bond. Sometimes, I like to take a break from my .home gyms and do an excursion to the parks.

Access varies from park to park, so advance planning is a must; however, generally speaking most national parks are a great choice for accessible and affordable family fun. Over in Yosemite National Park, the newest access upgrade was unveiled in April 2005 — the culmination of the massive ten-year $13.5 million Yosemite Falls Restoration Project. Designed by the same landscape architect who worked on the FDR Memorial in Washington DC, the project includes a new 3/4-mile paved trail to the bridge at lower Yosemite Falls. The gentle grade allows for wheelchair-access and the wide trail has many pull outs, resting spots and benches along the way. Indeed, for the first time there is barrier-free access to the base of Yosemite Falls.

No matter which national park you choose to visit, advance research is a must. The best place to start is on the National Park Service website (which is NPS dot gov). Some parks have access information listed, while others only have contact phone numbers. Sometimes you just have to pick up the phone and talk directly with a park employee to find out about access

Planning to take a holiday in the great outdoors 0

Posted on August 21, 2009 by dorisch

Planning to take a holiday in the great outdoors is a wonderful thing to do as you get a chance to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You’re able to breathe the fresh air and bond with nature. Preparation is key to enjoying your camping experience since there will usually be no opportunity to buy necessities at your campsite. Packing the right clothing for your trip is essential to enjoying to vacation.

Before setting off on your trip, check the climate of your camping area. Even if it’s only a few hours away, a higher elevation can have severely colder weather. Also check the weather report and plan accordingly. Plan for rain even if the weather report doesn’t predict it; better safe than sorry, according to an outdoor camping expert friend who sells classroom desks.

If you’re expecting warm weather then choose clothing that is lightweight and allows your skin to breathe and sweat to evaporate. You should only wear shorts where there is no tall vegetation since you may come into contact with poisonous plants, insects and brush that can cause scratches and cuts.

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Finding Cheap Accommodation Rates that Satisfy 0

Posted on August 18, 2009 by dorisch

Cleanliness is so important when it comes to choosing accommodation for my travels. It doesn’t matter if I’m staying in a motel, an apartment or a hotel, even a bed and breakfast. But I’m particular about finding good accommodation that is clean. If you put in enough time and efforts, finding best accommodation deals is definitely possible.

I do agree that in some countries, cheap accommodation deals don’t come too easy. This is when you may need to sacrifice on space for something else. In some beach destinations, getting a luxurious accommodation can be affordable at any time of the year. I know it sounds crazy but sometimes, I am impressed when a hotel uses central vacuum system to clean their carpets and flooring.

Whenever I stepped into my accommodation, I will check out the bathroom before anything else. Sometimes you can determine the quality of the accommodation from the amenities and toiletries they provide. I have stayed in so many places over the years and I still can’t forget the wonderful experience I had in Hakone Ginyu… it was a fabulous place to relax, unwind and be pampered – with a price tag, of course! And sometimes a long waiting list.

But to each his own, some people are just having to find a resting place for their heads and it won’t matter what style and class the accommodation may be. All it matters is finding cheap accommodation rates and they will be so happy!

Choosing Honeymoon Destinations 0

Posted on August 12, 2009 by dorisch

Hawaii has been ranked as the number one honeymoon destination for decades now. Sun-kissed beaches, azure water, hidden coves, world class accommodation and the delicious cuisine make Hawaii special. Popular and incredibly beautiful, Hawaii is a lovers paradise. For those who are sports enthusiasts, Hawaii is ‘the’ place to be in to enjoy amazing water sports. It is also not hard to find cheap accommodation rates here.

Hawaii is one of nature’s perfect creations and the weather is simply perfect all year round. The places worth visiting in Hawaii are Waikiki and Maui islands that display the islandís culture and natural beauty. There are many luxurious accommodation options in Hawaii that offer wonderful packages and benefits like Halekulani, Hyatt Regency and the Kahala Mandarin Oriental Hawaii, to name a few, according to a friend who works for moving companies San Francisco.

Choosing a honeymoon vacation destination can be a little confusing, but there are travel agencies out there who offer wonderful honeymoon packages. There are a number of exotic places that a couple can visit and travel agents are the best informed to help with the final choice. The US alone has so many exquisite places to visit.

Finding Destinations with Cheap Accommodation Rates 0

Posted on August 08, 2009 by dorisch

We’ve been discussing about our yearly family vacations and looks like I won’t get my desired holiday from the look of it. The economy has certainly affected our business and naturally, it won’t be right to spend unnecessarily. One condition was set by the man of the house with regards to the family vacation, that is, find destinations with cheap accommodation rates!

Well, my cousin was fortunate to book her family for Branson vacations this coming fall. They have planned this for a while and the children are excited about it. Children love vacations especially if they get to do the things they like. Family vacations are great for bonding and relaxation.

Though I haven’t thought hard about our family vacations. I know I had to start looking out for destinations with cheap accommodation rates before I can convince my hubby. If you need to check and compare hotel rates, here’s one great site to look up –

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