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Hoping for Cheaper Accommodation Rates in Japan

Posted on July 04, 2009 by dorisch

During my vacation to Japan last year, I was impressed by the culture and diversity among the Japanese. This is one busy city that is full of life and I can never get bored a single minute. But it was seriously hard to get cheap accommodation rates unless you planned to stay in hostel and shared accommodation. But when traveling as a family with children, this could be a real challenge.

For the shopper, there is much to behold and enjoy. You can find from luxury labels to quirky stuff. The Japanese appreciates details and the fine things of life. Green shopping seemed to be the ‘in thing’ in many countries and Japan is not excluded. Navigating around the train stations was probably the most interesting challenge but it was fun.

The only thing I’m hoping for is that there are cheaper accommodation rates in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto the next time I plan my visit. This would mean I could have more for my shopping expenses and be too conscious on what I spent on!

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