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Traveling isnt’ cheap these days

Posted on May 23, 2009 by dorisch

Traveling is no longer cheap these days even if you are willing to settle for cheap accommodation rates like staying in a motel room or hostel.

A friend of mine, a Pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney had just returned from his Bangkok trip and was sharing about the wonderful travel experiences he had. Cheap food, affordable accommodation and good shopping are words he used to describe his trip. Though everything seemed so affordable for him, he still had to spend a fair bit in total. Traveling can be costly when you add up the air fare, expenses, accommodation…etc.

I’m thinking about making a trip to Hokkaido for our anniversary next year. Though it is still a year away, I am checking on travel prices before deciding if this is a feasible plan for our family. To those who still need to go ahead with travel plans during these perilous times, do your research and your savings can be significant with careful planning.

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