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cheap accommodation rates in airport hotels 0

Posted on March 28, 2009 by dorisch

I’ve never stayed in an airport hotel until two years ago when we made a trip to the US. We weren’t going to pay for a night’s stay in Korea town since it was hard to find cheap accommodation rates during that season. So we settled for a stay in Korea airport hotel.

If you are on a transit and a few hours or half a day, resting in airport hotels may be the best thing to do. Few years ago, we were in San Diego airport hotel and thought it was nice taking a rest before our next flight out. While finding cheap accommodation rates may sometimes be hard in airport hotels, you can choose a standard or basic room since it’s just a fairly short stay. You will be surprised how refreshed you will feel than to lie around on the airport waiting area where privacy is normally limited.

book best accommodation deals in Japan 0

Posted on March 12, 2009 by dorisch

I know of many travelers who still like to call or contact the respective hotels for best accommodation deals when they travel. This is especially so for accommodation in Japan, from my experience.

When we were traveling to Tokyo last year, we couldn’t locate many of the ryokans or traditional Japanese inns in the hotel booking sites so we needed to call the ryokan directly. Some may have toll free numbers for travelers to call but many of them don’t. Plus, there was a language barrier.

There are still many Japanese ryokan booking sites which can be helpful if language becomes a problem. In any case, you can still search in the web and some ryokans can still be reserved online. The rule of thumb is, always do your research to get the best accommodation deals.

search cheap accommodation rates in Bangkok 0

Posted on March 12, 2009 by dorisch

While searching for cheap accommodation rates to Bangkok the other day, I note in the travel forum that there are many travelers who love to get active during their vacations. Then again, I know of some friends who love to just visit a beach resort, hang around the beach all day and do nothing!

When you decide to get active during a vacation, you don’t need to worry about weight loss products or putting on weight since you are constantly doing something. One tends to eat too much during a vacation so getting active means you don’t need to worry about excess weight.

Searching for cheap accommodation rates in Bangkok is a breeze since there is an abundance of hotels and accommodation choices out there. Then again, if you want to save time and compare hotels with just a click, is the place to go.

cheap accommodation rates in Bangkok 0

Posted on March 10, 2009 by dorisch

No traveler to Bangkok can complain that there is nothing to buy in this friendly city. My last visit to Bangkok was more than 4 years ago and I could still remember combing the very cramped streets of Chutuchak in Bangkok. Once thing I know, it is easy to get cheap accommodation rates in Bangkok. Agree?

All you need to do to find cheap accommodation rates is to first compare hotels and do your research online. It is that simple. You can also visit travel forums for advice and tips by real travelers to get the most out of your vacation.

This week, I hope to search for some cheap accommodation rates for Bangkok as I would like to go shopping for some home decor stuff. In chutuchak market, you can find all kinds of things for the house like Window Blinds, vases, baskets, interior fittings, lightings…etc. From shoes to clothing to toys, there is something for everyone in Chutuchak.

You can still travel during this budget crunch if you take time to search for cheap accommodation rates in Bangkok. Not all cities require a big budget.

ways to find cheap accommodation rates 0

Posted on March 07, 2009 by dorisch

Needless to say, many families who are traveling with their children will want to get good bargains or cheap accommodation rates when it comes to a family vacation. Some may think that it is too hard to find cheap holidays for families, but if you research, you can find some great money-saving deals.

Family vacations can be expensive due to the number of people travelling. In addition, most families tend to travel during school holidays, which means that they have to travel during the year end peak seasons such as Christmas, Easter and the summer. Here are some tips to keep our budget low and your cost down.

1. Travel during the non peak season

If you can, choose to fly a week before or after the main holiday periods as it can make a big difference to your travel cost. Weekends tend to get expensive for short breaks in resorts and island holidays. If you have children that are below school age, then you should try to travel outside the school holidays to avoid the peak season surcharges.

2. Do your search on best accommodation deals

Instead of hotels, you can look into renting a self-catering apartment or holiday home for cheap accommodation rates. These are usually cheaper than hotel accommodation and you can buy your own food to cook simple meals. Eating out can be costly if you are traveling as a family and eating in provides you the flexibility.

3. Book in advance for cheaper accommodation rates

Hotels or accomomation providers tend to offer cheaper accommodation rates when you book way in advance. You can always book your accommodation and then wait for cheap or promotion flights to accumulate your savings. Search for hotels online to find the best accommodation deals and do your research.

The above travel tips will be handy no matter where your family is traveling to – Anaheim California hotel, Las Vegas Holiday, family trip to New York, to exotic Bali or tropical Phuket.

Traveling cheap is still possible. Do your travel research, book early for cheap accommodation rates and adopt one or more of the above travel tips.

search best accommodation deals to kyoto 0

Posted on March 06, 2009 by dorisch

If you happen to travel to Kyoto, make sure you don’t leave this cultural city until you visit Gion.

When I was in Gion last December, I enjoyed walking into the local gift and accessory stores. You can expect to find lots of cultural and local stuff and much to my delight, there were alot of beauty buys as well. I bought a handmade gift card and some beauty accessories from this famous cosmetics store known as Yojiya. It’s not hard to find Yojiya cos this is the only cosmetics store that is packed with women (and men!).

It is easy to fall in love with Kyoto during autumn and I hope to visit this cultural place again in spring next time. Looking for cheap accommodation rates in Kyoto? Search right here for your best accommodation deals:

Find a hotel

finding cheap accommodation rates in New York city 0

Posted on March 06, 2009 by dorisch

I’ve never been to New York city but I sure love to make a trip there one day. But I have been warned that it won’t be easy finding cheap accommodation rates in New York. So when the time comes for me to travel to New York, I’ll be searching the best accommodation deals so that I can save for my shopping!

At one time some friends of mine were applying for jobs in Manhattan since everyone was talking about living in New York city. Some did find themselves settling down very well whereas others just couldn’t handle the high cost of living in New York.

Though New York isn’t a cheap place to live and visit, you can still find ways to save. Cheap accommodation rates can be obtained if you don’t mind staying at the edge of the city. After all, the public transport in New York is convenient and easy. Staying outside the city would bring you better accommodation deals compared to staying in the heart of the city.

Planning to travel to New York city, find cheap accommodation rates here:

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everybody enjoys cheap accommodation rates 0

Posted on March 06, 2009 by dorisch

Nobody likes to travel expensive when there is a budget constraint. In other words, we are always on the look out for cheap accommodation rates no matter where we are traveling to.

Imagine how much you would save if you take time to find cheap accommodation rates from the web for a family of four. Some families will prefer to book through a travel agent for best accommodation deals since travel agents get bulk and wholesale rates from hotels and accommodations.

My friend was just sharing with me on his Hydroxycut reviews and telling me how he’s won himself a vacation for two in his weight loss efforts. This is sure better than any cheap accommodation deals since the trip for him will be free!

This weekend, I will be spending more time to check out travel tips and stories for thailand since we are heading that way in three months’ time. Hopefully the hotels drop their prices further in lieu to the current global financial crisis!

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