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Posted on February 27, 2009 by dorisch

Some of us love to travel freely with lighter luggage while others prefer to bring a luggage full of personal belongings. While I prefer to travel with the former, I still can’t leave my laptop behind. Reason being, I tend to book accommodation along my travel and sometimes, I would find cheap accommodation rates closer to the date of my travel, which explains why.

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One month ago, I finally bought a lightweight MSI wind netbook for my travel use. Though its capacity is unlike my home office laptop, a flash memory is all I need to ensure I have enough hard disk space.

If you can’t travel with a lightweight laptop, you can always visit internet cafes if you need to check your emails when you are traveling. I used to hop into internet cafes to do my booking for cheap accommodation rates and at times, the hotel I stayed in may provide a free internet terminal for inhouse guests.

Whatever way you like to travel, do what seems best for you. When in doubt, always visit the travel forum for travel advice and travel tips.

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