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why is boutique hotel more preferred?

Posted on January 27, 2009 by dorisch

Have you ever wondered why do some people prefer to stay in small boutique hotels over the large chain ones? One of the common observations in large hotels is that the staff seldom know who you are, or your purpose of visit. Boutique hotels tend to have the lower number of total bedrooms and thus this leads to high levels of personal service. Staff often know your name and your room number and, in some of the more exclusive boutique hotels, they find out what you need before you even get there and will get them ready on arrival. Oh yes, this may mean helping you with shopping needs including health products, weight loss pills and other essentials!

Most guests enjoy the ambience and service in a luxury boutique hotel over a standard hotel. As a guest, you immediately enjoy the ‘home away from home’ ambience and it tends to be more relaxed and comfortable.

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