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more about hip hotels 0

Posted on January 27, 2009 by dorisch

Speaking of boutique or hip hotels, you can also expect the public spaces to be more creative and chic. Most of the boutique or hip hotels offer internet connectivity in public spaces and some would offer free connectivity too for all guests.

In other words, you can surf with your laptop at the lobby, at the pool area, in the lounge as long as your laptop has sufficient battery life and laptop memory. Hip hotels that are well designed offer people their own space, without making the room feel cold or unfriendly. They must also have comfortable and chic furniture, so that guests can relax, read, eat or just talk. These hotels are friendly, non intimidating, less pretentious and offers a home away from home feeling.

why is boutique hotel more preferred? 0

Posted on January 27, 2009 by dorisch

Have you ever wondered why do some people prefer to stay in small boutique hotels over the large chain ones? One of the common observations in large hotels is that the staff seldom know who you are, or your purpose of visit. Boutique hotels tend to have the lower number of total bedrooms and thus this leads to high levels of personal service. Staff often know your name and your room number and, in some of the more exclusive boutique hotels, they find out what you need before you even get there and will get them ready on arrival. Oh yes, this may mean helping you with shopping needs including health products, weight loss pills and other essentials!

Most guests enjoy the ambience and service in a luxury boutique hotel over a standard hotel. As a guest, you immediately enjoy the ‘home away from home’ ambience and it tends to be more relaxed and comfortable.

get an active vacation 0

Posted on January 22, 2009 by dorisch

A friend of mine once told me that going on an active vacation is the “best diet pill” one can have. What she meant is that you need to get active and find an adventure during the active vacation. Some people do the extreme like sky diving and kite surfing but you can do the simple ones like cycling or trekking. Mountain climbing can be exhilarating while scuba diving can be relaxing yet adventurous too.

So get out there and enjoy an active vacation. Pick an island holiday or beach vacation. Discover the real fun of an adventure holiday!

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find your hotels in phuket and more! 0

Posted on January 20, 2009 by dorisch

For a long time, I have been using the web to gather resources and prepare our family vacation itinerary. I’m not sure what you use it for but I can’t tell you how convenient it is to use the web to search for hotels, book hotels, shop online…etc.

My hubby uses it to find performance parts and conduct research for his business. Recently, he found lots of help when he started searching for hotels in Phuket. He’s planning to learn kite surfing this coming June so searching for hotels in Phuket online saves him time from calling the travel agent or flipping through phuket brochures.

If you think it’s hard to find hotels online, try it out below… you won’t be disapointed!

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shopping in gotemba outlets in japan 0

Posted on January 07, 2009 by dorisch

Shopping in factory outlets is a great way to save when you are traveling on a budget. Talking about factory outlet stores, no where else can beat the ones in the US! I was in Tokyo a month back and the factory outlet store was nothing close to comparison!

I met a friend who went crazy shopping for sports gifts and sports goods at the Gotemba factory outlet. I didn’t make it all the way there but would believe that it did paled from the US outlet stores by comparison. If you plan to travel to Gotemba for discount shopping, I was told that there is a bus from Shinjuku train station that takes you there.

shopping in kyoto and osaka 0

Posted on January 01, 2009 by dorisch

Hotels Combined

In the last few weeks, my little boy had been telling me how much he wanted to be back in Japan again! I find myself liking kyoto and osaka a little more than tokyo. Tokyo can be very crowded in certain places and though kyoto isn’t that big in terms of land space, it is a very pretty city.

Shopping in kyoto and osaka is just as great. You can find a wide array of cultural and most modern stuff all in one place! From shopping for sexy lingerie to japanese silk to the latest electronic gadgets, you can count on a wide choice of styles and designs in kyoto and osaka. Let me just warn you that if you are geared to shop in any japan city, make sure you bring enough cash and put on good walk shoes. Be expected to shop for hours in the busy malls and be ready for the tight crowds during the weekends.

Take a trip to kyoto and osaka, you won’t be disappointed.

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