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tropical destination picks 0

Posted on October 29, 2008 by dorisch

Tropical destinations are a delight for those who love and adore the sun and the fun. For those who squirm at the sight of the sun and run for shelter from the heat, then you won’t enjoy yourself.

We have the Caribbean islands and Tropics for all year round sunshine but according to a friend of mine work holding in the business, he told me that there are indeed some underrated tropical destinations in the world. If surf, fun and the sun is what your heart is after, here’s the list to check out:

1.      Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
2.      Santiago, Chile
3.      Turks and Caicos, Caribbean
4.      La Romana, Dominican Republic
5.      Mexico City, Mexico
6.      Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico
7.      St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean
8.      Culebra, Puerto Rico
9.      Saba, Caribbean
10.    Curacao, Caribbean

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why a golf vacation can get expensive 0

Posted on October 22, 2008 by dorisch

I’m not crazy about golf but I know of many friends who are. They are so enthusiastic that they would spend over a thousand dollars on flights, accommodation and green fees. If you are one of them, then you should do whatever you can to ensure that you are making the best of your investment!

I always tell my friends that the reason why I don’t play is because it is such an expensive recreational activity! Not only do you spend your money on green fees, you need to buy decent golf apparel, golf bags, golf clubs and even pay for golf lessons.

So if you have paid for your upcoming golf vacation, do make sure you are physically fit to play the game well. Eat well and start a fitness regime to prepare your body for the big golf game! Yet to book your flight for your golf vacation? Save up to 63% on international flights on

planning wisely for your family vacation 0

Posted on October 21, 2008 by dorisch

During these turbulent economic times, people are more careful with their finances and spending in every area of their lives. It seems that this holiday season will see more domestic travel as people shop for best buy in air tickets, room accommodations, hotels, car rentals and vacation packages.

For those who have a bigger family, you need to budget well in your family vacation to avoid blowing the vacation budget. Choosing a hotel accommodation under a budget is possible with careful research and planning. Even for our upcoming family vacation, I’ve been spending lots of time choosing a value for money one that is within our budget. Most people know that accommodation in Japan and Hong Kong can be expensive if you are not careful. The good thing about using a hotel comparison search tool is that I can view in one glance the hotel accommodations with the lowest rates. With that, I can be certain that I am getting the best hotel prices for my travel destination.

Plan well this holiday season as for your family vacation.

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plan well, travel light and get your health insurance early 0

Posted on October 16, 2008 by dorisch

There are many things a traveler need to get ready for when it comes to leaving for a vacation. This is especially so when it comes to packing your luggage – for yourself and for your family! I’m one person who believe in traveling light and simple as it’s no fun lugging too much stuff around, especially for longer trips. With some simple rules and tips, traveling with the family and with kids should be great fun!

To make sure that you don’t leave anything behind, make sure you prepare early. If you are that forgetful sort, then pen down your checklist early. Traveling with kids can be mentally stressful so a checklist on a travel notebook helps! If you need to purchase any travel or health insurance, get a travel or health insurance quote early to avoid any complications.

Depending on how many days you are traveling with your kids and family, you can then decide on the size of your travel luggage. If you can, book into an apartment hotel or serviced apartment or perhaps a vacation home so that you can access laundry facilities if you are planning on a longer trip. This would mean lighter travel luggage and lesser clothes for you and your kids! If you are traveling to major cities or planning on a shopping trip, you may end up buying clothes along the way. This also explains why planning an itinerary is important so that you won’t end up with too much to bring before the trip! Getting health insurance can be quick and easy. Click here to learn more.

checking out the lanson place hong kong 0

Posted on October 09, 2008 by dorisch
Causeway Bay

Image via Wikipedia

For those who like to stay in spacious apartment hotels in Hong Kong, take a look at the Lanson Place. Situated in a strategic location in the heart of causeway bay, this spacious apartment hotel looks handsome with a touch of colonial charm. With close proximity to the malls and shopping stores in Causeway Bay, this is a great apartment hotel to base yourself for both business and leisure, especially great for parents who like more room for their children. I can almost say that it is a family friendly hotel in Hong Kong!

Close to Hong Kong’s famous nightlife, this hotel is still able to offer you a truly peaceful retreat and it is great for family travel to Hong Kong too. Built in 2005, it is approximately 43 km from Hong Kong International Airport. It is also conveniently situated within just 3 minutes walking distance from the Causeway Bay MTR Station, close to Victoria Park and 2 blocks away from Times Square Shopping Centre and designer shops. The rooms range in size from 380 square feet to 1,900 square feet. They offer the latest provisions for home comfort and convenience, including kitchenettes, flat-screen TVs and Wi-Fi internet access throughout the entire hotel. Only thing is, there is no treadmill for those who need to keep their heart rate pumping!

With such attractive facilities and features, I’m all tempted to check out the best accommodation rates at the Lanson Place.

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search best beverly hills accommodation 0

Posted on October 03, 2008 by dorisch

Mention Beverly Hills and you can think about Hollywood and the celebrities, plus those who flock to this posh district for the best plastic surgery and even best acne treatments. But for this group of people, luxury is at every corner, even when it comes to choosing the best accommodation in Beverly Hills!

If you are searching for the best Beverly Hills accommodation or looking for the best value in Beverly Hills accommodation hotels, start your search across more than 30+ travel booking search engines in just one click – Enter your traveling dates to Beverly Hills below to get begin!

dreaming of the luxury peninsular hotel hong kong 0

Posted on October 03, 2008 by dorisch

After looking through the list of Hong Kong hotels, my eyes seem to be landing on some of the luxury hong kong hotels that are noted for their best location, service and reputation. One of them is The Peninsular, the luxury hotel that sits at the Tsimsatsui promenade, overlooking the beautiful Victoria harbour.

I love the Peninsular’s architecture and structure. The colonial pillars and grand entrance together with the oriental charm is tempting, enchanting and inviting. I used to walk by admiring this beautiful and gorgeous hotel, secretly hoping that I can stay here for my hong kong vacation one day. I once heard this from a friend who is often on diet pills even without first finding out the side effects of alli or anything else. She told me that she would save up her yearly bonus just so that she can spend a night or two at The Peninsular Hong Kong with her boyfriend on their anniversary – how sweet and romantic of her.

With a few room categories that offer city views, garden and harbour views, one should at least be ready to pay an average night’s stay of $400+ for the superior room. This five star hotel delivers quality in every angle from service to facilities, guests can enjoy complimentary internet access and luxury comfort in the beautiful oriental classy setting. Hmm, I should perhaps find out who can I book the lowest rates for The Peninsular Hong Kong before striking out my dream to stay in this awesome architectural property in our upcoming family vacation!

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accommodation hotels with club privileges 0

Posted on October 02, 2008 by dorisch
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Some of us like to travel in luxury while others prefer to just book a bed and breakfast while splurging food and tours in a vacation trip. Accommodation hotels are plenty in popular destinations and these days, many of the accommodation hotels in big cities like Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and even Malaysia offer special privileges for guests who pay for Club Level facilities.

Usually Club Level facilities would include complimentary drinks and breakfast, free usage of internet in the Club Members lounge, afternoon and evening nibbles and also extras like a piece of suit pressing, late check-out…etc. With club level facilities, you don’t need to worry about bringing a laptop or making sure it has enough flash memory as you can enjoy the internet in the club members lounge. But be ready to pay for extras in these accommodation hotels for club level privileges. Unless you are staying alot in the hotel room or you are on business, otherwise, you may want to save these extras for your shopping money and other splurges.

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