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best family hotels in hong kong at club levels 0

Posted on September 30, 2008 by dorisch

I have been searching for the best family hotels in Hong Kong in the last week. If you have been to Hong Kong, you will agree with me that most hotel rooms in Hong Kong are small. This is expected since HOng Kong land space and property prices are known to be on the steep side due to the lack of space and the dense population. So even if you are paying $200 for a night staying the Langham Hong Kong hotel, you can expect a not-so-spacious room unless you choose a suite or similar room.

Alot of the 4 and 5 star hotels in Hong Kong have provided a Club Level category for guests who like a touch of personalized service and affordable luxury. Most of these hotels offers club level guests free appetizers, in-room broadband, afternoon and evening drinks and a cosy lounge for social mingling and relaxing. Do expect to pay about 600HKD extra to be on the club level. If luxury is what you are looking for in the best family hotels, the club level rooms are worth the splurge during a family vacation.

search, compare and find the best and cheapest hotel rates in hong kong 0

Posted on September 26, 2008 by dorisch

So I’ve narrowed down to a few popular hong kong family friendly hotels for our upcoming family vacation. Let’s take a look at them:

1) The Langham Hotel Hong Kong (Mong Kok)

According to a host of hotel langham customers, the langham hotel in hong kong has scored fantastically well with 5 stars rating. Connected By Bridge To Langham Place Shopping Mall’s 300 International Shops, Restaurants And Multiplex Cinema, Langham Place Hotel Mongkok, Hong Kong Provides Luxurious European-style Ambience Within Walking Distance Of The Ferry And Mongkok Subway Station.

5 of 5 stars “Perfect 5 star hotel ..”
Sep 24, 2008 HenryandLilymelbourne australia
This was the best hotel I could have chosed for our Hong KOng stay. The don’t get a 5 star rating for nothing, the service and staff are fabulous, the room is comfortable and clean and eventhough there is no harbour view, the view of Hong Kong from our window is jawdropping.
5 of 5 stars “Reserve with confidence”
Sep 23, 2008 DublinEyeforDetailDublin
Previous writers have rated this hotel highly and I am simply adding my fulsome praise. We stayed for a week in September 2008. It is rare to enjoy such hospitality and attention to detail in a modern hotel. Location is convenient, interesting and well connected by taxi and public transport.

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2) Panorama by Rhombus

I have to agree that this is one chic and modern hotel that is so appealing and attractive. If only the superior and deluxe rooms are a little bigger, I won’t hesitate to book yesterday! Those who like clean lines, muted tones and stylish interiors must not give the Panorama by Rhombus a miss. The rates at Panorama by Rhombus are still very affordable if you don’t mind the small space. And again, 220 – 280 square feet is not small for some travelers though I’m a little concerned if there will be sufficient space for my little fella.

Hotel Panorama by Rhombus is a deluxe business hotel superbly located in the heart of Tsimshatsui Kowloon in one of Hong Kong most popular shopping and business hubs, amidst a vast selection of shops, boutiques, museums, restaurants, bars and entertainment centres. With close access to all parts of Hong Kong via Mass Transit Railway (MTR), Airport Express, Buses, Taxis and Ferries, this makes this modern property a favourite among many modern travelers.

5 of 5 stars New York Traveler

I have stayed in probably 20 different hotels in Hong Kong. The Panorama by Rhombus is definitely one of the top 3. I got a great promotional rate as the building was still partly under construction, just under $100USD/nt. We were also upgraded to a Club Room which had incredible views of the Hong Kong skyline and was quite spacious by Hong Kong standards. The room was very modern, with iPod docking station (not iPhone compatible though), the obligatory flat-panel TV, soft bed, and a beautiful bathroom that faced the harbor. Other amenities include a rooftop area with ping pong table for great evening views and a good location in east Tsim Sha Tui. Service was fast and courteous as well. Would definitely recommend.

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can’t wait to experience the shinkansen bullet train in japan 0

Posted on September 20, 2008 by dorisch

My little boy can’t wait to experience the speed of a Shinkansen bullet train in Tokyo and all over Japan. If you haven’t seen or sat in one, here’s a video for your viewing:

search travel information in the virtual world 0

Posted on September 18, 2008 by dorisch
Who has the best hotel deals?

Compare 30 sites at ONCE!


The nice thing about travel research is that it allows you to know the place more after the entire planning. This is why I would choose a free plan travel over a tour package. Some travelers are worried about language barrier and such in a land which doesn’t use English as the first language but personally, I find it challenging and fun, traveling to a country that knows little of my first language.

If you are not used to doing your travel research online, then grab one of the Amazon books on travel to your destination. But if you can, try searching for travel information online and you will discover that there is so much to learn in the virtual world!

searching for good kyoto accommodations for november 0

Posted on September 18, 2008 by dorisch
Who has the best hotel deals?

Compare 30 sites at ONCE!


I have been spending the last few days looking for hotels in Kyoto during our November family travel but somehow I can’t seem to find any rooms! It’s hard to believe that so many popular hotels (even the big chains) are all fully booked during the last week of november – unbelievable.

Plus, the hotel rates in Kyoto during November are categorized as ‘peak’ due to the autumn color foliage which will be a sight to behold. I used to think that as long as you have the budget, you can buy anything you like, whether it’s best diet pills or the best located hotel accommodation, or even the best looking shoes but we know that it’s not true. Sometimes, money can’t buy what you desire and in my case, I can’t seem to get a nice hotel during that November time period – Looks like I have to keep on searching!

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my japanese ryokan research began 0

Posted on September 12, 2008 by dorisch

I’ve been trying to squeeze time into my schedule for our family vacation to Tokyo. Due to the language barrier in most Japanese websites, it’s been a little challenging planning our itinerary. Unlike most of our family vacation trips, planning a trip to Japan requires more research in the forums since travelers’ reviews posted in English would help heaps!

(picture courtesy of

Navigating around Tokyo is easy but finding an affordable, nice, cosy, comfortable, luxurious ryokan can be confusing. Since most travelers would spend a few days in Tokyo and Disney Tokyo, it’s usually a day trip to Mt Fuji or Hakone. But if you take time to do your research in Trip Advisor (which happens to be my favourite travelers’ review website), you will find many free and easy travelers who trek outside Tokyo.

After all that research, I’ve found a liking in several luxurious ryokans. In Japan, ryokans (japanese guesthouses) are divided several styles which determine the pricing during your ryokan stay:

  • Category D: 7,000-10,000 yen per guest
  • Category C: 10,000-15,000 yen per guest
  • Category B: 15,000-20,000 yen per guest
  • Category A: 20,000-30,000 yen per guest
  • Category A+: 30,000-50,000 yen per guest
  • Category A++: 50,000-70,000 yen per guest
  • Category A+++: 70,000 yen and up per guest

The best place to understand what a ryokan is, the pricing, the style, ryokan etiquette, ryokan dining options and the different cultural explanations is to check out

I’ll be posting my ryokan research for our family vacation to Tokyo in the next few posts.

an all boys vacation is fun 0

Posted on September 06, 2008 by dorisch

When a group of adventurous seeking bachelors travel together, you can trust them for ultimate fun and enjoyment throughout the trip. My brother just got back from a three days getaway with his male buddies and they were painting the town red every night, having fun catching up with each other. Besides visiting the Harley store for Harley parts, they were keen about shopping but searching for the best gourmet foods in town. Boy’s talk is never complete without a mention of the hottest girl in high school or Uni so you bet they must be exchanging notes all night long. But I have to say that an all boys vacation or an all girls vacation is good for travelers of both genders since everyone needs a break from his/her partner every now and then.

skipping a vacation? 0

Posted on September 04, 2008 by dorisch

I was shocked when my travel agent presented me with our air ticket quote few days ago. I didn’t expect air travel to have gone up so much! Actually it’s not the air travel that is costly, it’s the taxes and surcharges! It’s crazy!

Perhaps, I should consider skipping a vacation and shop online instead. I can shop online for any labels in the online stores including Oscar de la Renta to any other designer collections. But like what hubby said, family travel is more than shopping. It’s all about spending quality time together and catching up with each other.

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