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MGM Studio park or Universal Studios 0

Posted on May 30, 2008 by dorisch

I was told that if you are planning for your Orlando vacations, you probably have a trip to Universal Studios on your list, thus, you may decide to skip MGM Studios. However you may find that – especially if you have younger children – MGM is a better alternative as there are less attractions with height restrictions than Universal. Although there are a few more thrill-seeking rides, most of the MGM Studio park is at a more gentle pace making it a good destination for families, or those who are a little mobility impaired. With that in mind, you may still like to make a trip to Universal Studios if you can decide on which is best for the family 🙂

my Keio Plaza executive club card has arrived 0

Posted on May 23, 2008 by dorisch

I just received my executive club membership card from Keio Plaza Tokyo. Though we have booked with Somerset Azabu East apartments, I thought it would be a good idea to book a few nights in vibrant Shinjuku too. The nice thing about staying in a 4-5 star hotel is the fact that you can utilize the facilities such as airport transfer, tour arrangement, shuttle buses (if any) and work out in the fitness centre. Most of the 4-5 star Tokyo hotels have indoor jacuzzi or hot tub for guest so that can be quite nice on those chilly autumn or winter days.

For those who are keen to build muscle over the vacation, the fitness centre is mostly equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

check out last minute accommodation sites 0

Posted on May 20, 2008 by dorisch

as summer draws near, Las Vegas travel is a popular activity for families and groups. Most people love to hang around the vibrant city for a time of fun and relaxation. The hotels will be packed with locals and tourists from all over the world and you can expect air tickets to be dearer than the other months. Be prepared to pay a little more for summer accommodation and air travels and to beat the queue to amusement parks, theme parks and dinner shows. Don’t forget to check out the last minute accommodation sites for some great deals and if you are considering car rental, make sure you place your reservations early too!

personal review on traders hotel, kuala lumpur 0

Posted on May 19, 2008 by dorisch

My little boy can’t wait to revisit Traders Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. He had a great time at the jacuzzi pool which he deemed was a little ‘swimming pool’. Since it is a business hotel, you don’t get lots of guests hanging around at the pool area in the mornings so that was great for him.

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reminiscing family vacation in hawaii 0

Posted on May 16, 2008 by dorisch

sunset in waikiki

This morning, I woke reminiscing the excellent moments we had during our last family vacation to Hawaii. Six months had passed and every time we ran through the videos with our preschooler, I would be reminded of the golden sunsets at Waikiki and the superb ocean views from our room. This must be one of our best vacations! Though my other half still complain and nag every now and then about my shopping indulgence and splurge, I know he had a lovely time himself too. He went for surfing lessons for the first time while I spent some quality time with my boy in DFS Galleria Waikiki and the Ala Moana mall – that was nice! Read the rest of this entry →

traveling on a budget 0

Posted on May 15, 2008 by dorisch

Each year, millions of individuals vacation while on a budget. Despite being on a budget, many of those individuals are able to vacation at some of the best vacation destinations in the world. It is all about spending time to conduct the right research and you can easily be vacationing in luxury, despite the fact that you may not belong to the category of the rich or famous. Though you may not afford to travel by private jet charter but you sure can check out the latest bargains with budget airlines.

In many other areas of the world, travelers wait until the last minute to schedule their vacation to obtain last minute price reductions. Usually, last minute price reductions are often offered in hopes of boosting sales so you may want to check out some last minute accommodation sites or discount travel sites like RatesToGo to save on your accommodation and other travel expenses.

zero airfare and sub zero promotion 0

Posted on May 15, 2008 by dorisch

With school holidays approaching and summer vacation drawing near, there are more travel vacation advertisements added everyday and luggage fairs in the mall on the weekends. Airtime travel will increase in the coming weeks and budget airlines are launching price wars on the local papers too! Lately, I read that budget airlines like AirAsia had launched their subzero air fares which means you are getting more than zero air fare. Some believe this was launched to counter the zero fare promotion launched recently by Malaysia’s national air carrier – MAS. Well, I believe this is great news for travelers and consumers – so guys, keep going on with your price wars and unbelievable promotions. Zero air fare is sure a way to provide more opportunities for people who like to fly! Now, everyone can really fly!

travel and sports and luxury 0

Posted on May 15, 2008 by dorisch

I suppose it has been a popular trend for watchmakers especially luxury ones to use famous sports figures to endorse their labels. This is often represented by the sports personnel golfing somewhere in a luxury resort or playing water sports in a popular destination. Luxury watchmaker companies are targeting the savvy and business travelers, along with those who enjoy the fine quality of travel and life. Whether it’s Omega, Rolex or Tag Heur, you tend to spot a sportsman with these labels.

One thing I can’t leave home without when I travel – other than my credit cards, cell phone and all the necessary personal stuff is my faithful watch. Well, like many travelers, I do enjoy quality and luxury timepieces and yes, I have also heard about the panerai. I saw that in magazines and in websites like ViaLuxe which provides detailed and comprehensive information on luxury watches including labels like Cartier, Bvlgari, Concord, Corum, Raymond Weil and alot more! The site helps to provide useful information to consumers and showing them where to make reliable purchases.

time out to tokyo 0

Posted on May 13, 2008 by dorisch

I bought myself a Time Out to Tokyo guide last weekend at Kinokuniya. Some people don’t quite believe in a printed copy of a travel guide but I do! With a printed book, I can read it anywhere – bus stop, on the bed, in the train, in the car…etc whereas I can only gather online information when I have an internet connection!

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different reasons of travel 0

Posted on May 08, 2008 by dorisch

While some of us have to fork out our own money to travel, some can enjoy their travel at the expense of the company they work for. Some people travel for leisure, some for work and some for recreational sports. I used to have a neighbour who came home with baseball trophies each time he traveled for his baseball matches. For him, the joy of travel was often accompanied by a sense of glory from a winning match.

One of my girl friends is having to New York this coming June while his husband attends his business conference in the city. They will then stay on for a yearly vacation after his business commitments. I thought that is quite a wonderful arrangement – get your company to pay for your vacation air ticket 😛

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