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you don’t need to be jennifer lopez to enjoy hawaii

Posted on April 10, 2008 by dorisch

The chance to vacation in Hawaii is a rare opportunity for some people unless you are Jennifer Lopez or Angelina Jolie but I’m so thankful that I had the chance to do that last December. Nearly everyone daydreams about feeling the sand between their toes while sipping on a pina-colada. Well, we didn’t have pina colada but we did had a great time under the coconut trees – just like what you saw in the movies! So, if given the chance to visit Hawaii, it’s not likely one would pass it up.

With miles of sandy-white beaches and emerald-green waters, it’s a place enjoyed by people of all ages. But unlike the other 49 states of America, Hawaii isn’t just one solid mass of land that can be explored through driving; it’s a chain of islands that represent the entire state. Best of all, you don’t need to be Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lopez to enjoy this lovely island. Hawaii is a friendly and affordable place to travel to. So go ahead, pack your Johnston and Murphy and plan your vacation!

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