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a tip for the last minute traveler

Posted on February 28, 2008 by dorisch

Here’s another tip for the last minute traveler. So what do you look out for when you buy travel insurance last minute?

An item on your list that should be of utmost importance and priority is medical and travel insurance. With most of these deals being non-refundable, you have to take some protection not to be at a total loss, should something happen. Just like your term life insurance quotes, you should go online and get a quote for your medical and travel insurance.

Life is totally unpredictable and you have to be ‘prepared’ for anything. LIFE HAPPENS, so plan for it! Inevitabilities and unfortunate events, even weather can play and deal you a nasty hand. What will you do then if you do not have coverage or recourse? DO NOT FORGET OR OVERLOOK these elements of travel.

Get familiar with the basics, as knowledge of travel insurance, can help you know and understand what you are buying. Taking a more pro-active and hands-on approach in your whole finding, booking, getting and preparing phases of your trip, planned or unplanned!

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