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tips for last minute travel

Posted on February 15, 2008 by dorisch

My hubby always looks for best deals for home and living stuff and he often tells me how home owners can actually get good deals with directbuy when it comes to shopping for home furnishings. As for me, I often tell him that a good rule of thumb to remember for last minute travel is that the best time to start planning your trip is when the impulse hits you!

There is nothing wrong with tapping into the expertise, connections and insider knowledge the travel industry and agents have to offer.

Things to remember when dealing with travel, booking or reservation agents, travel brokers or wholesale, discount travel providers:

• easily provide current information,

• get industry updates, possibilities and pricing, availability, plan and book vacations;
• find big discounts and special deals.
• able to point out details that would otherwise remain hidden and unconsidered
• resourceful, patient and imaginative sources with access to databases ad special offers not always open to the general public domain
• want to provide you with the best travel and customer service options and solutions that are right for you.
• mostly work on a commission basis
• ensure that this is the best deal for YOU and not just for their interest and pocketbook alone!

Save money by asking many questions and pose the question about discounts. If you do not ask, they will not necessarily offer the cheapest option or hunt for better deals!

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