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missing the pearl of the orient

Posted on January 27, 2008 by dorisch


No lady of leisure who took a vacation in Hong Kong would leave the city without buying at least a pair of shoes. I spoke to so many lady friends of mine and everyone of them would end up with at least 2 or 3 pairs of shoes when they returned, leaving their hubbies puzzled and shaking heads – lol. I recalled coming home with 3 pairs when I was in Hong Kong years ago! Hong Kong is ultimately still a great place to shop and dine. And for those Camper fans out there, Camper shoes are the cheapest in Asia… check it out and you will soon know.

In the recent years, many boutique owners have started to import and buy lots of clothing from Hong Kong and resell them in profitable prices in their home countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, leading to many entrepreneurs overnight. According to some boutique owner friends of mine, the profit margin is too attractive. Some would make trips every week just to order and buy stock for their boutique.

Over the years, the rental property investment opportunities in Hong Kong has escalated in positive outlook too. Well, I’m still hoping to visit Hong Kong this year. I always feel at home in this busy and much congested city and it’s hard to explain why 🙂 It’s not called the Pearl of the Orient for nothing…

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