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Posted on January 17, 2008 by dorisch


For those of us who want to make the most of last-minute travel online, there is not a shortage of information on the internet. This ‘hidden’ and somewhat unexplored, under-utilized sector of the travel industry and market lies in wait, just ready for you to unearth, discover and capitalize on.

There are also numerous well-known travel-sites that optimize and open the doors to these offerings. Here are but a few of them:


You can make the most of this market by becoming and being an informed, empowered and ‘smart’ traveler or global village roamer by optimizing what the market has to offer. There are lots to take advantage of for all your quick and spontaneous getaways and last-minute travel plans.

If you run an online search on last minute travel, you will in all probability get over 10 million hits, which is not surprising at all, given that we are a mobile, nomadic, traveling global population with lots to do, people to see, all around the globe. Modern technology, like the internet places these travel options within our easy reach and enables us to not just rely on travel brokers, intermediaries or booking, reservation agencies any more. This is no longer the ‘secret’ insider paradise. More and more people are taking a pro-active and hands-on approach in finding and finalizing their own travel plans. Moreover, they are doing so, saving money, booking directly with carriers and providers, and negotiating a better price, getting packages and discount travel deals, vacations, hotels, airfare, destination vacations. There are also however various niche specialists (like those mentioned above), trusted brands and go-betweens that capitalize and thrive in this market and that can easily get you top-notch travel deals, as experts to the Caribbean, Mexico and Florida and even Europe… AT THE LAST MINUTE!

Better still, you can even bid on the cheap tickets from airfare wholesalers, travel agencies and airlines at cfares dot com. This is unique to the world of travel as you submit your bid via the cgent, requesting for the price you want to pay for an airfare. Use if for your family vacation or business travel and you will be surprised at how much you can save on your airfares. With free gold membership available to anyone who signs up, the platinum membership is needed to activate the cgent features. However, the platinum membership (worth $50) would be automatically yours when you purchase your ticket with cgent. The guarantee is that you will get to search and purchase your air ticket at the lowest, below- market prices and you will served by a dedicated and helpful team at

With these resources available at your fingertips, there is no excuse not to travel in 2008… have you decided on your destination?

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