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a spectacular cruise experience

Posted on December 25, 2007 by dorisch

Well, we had just returned from a seven day cruise in Hawaii and this was one of the best vacation experience we had. The truth was, months before deciding on this cruise option, I had so many cruise critics and negative reviews about the Pride of America but as an adventurous traveler, I had ignored the naysayers and went ahead with this cruise. And I couldn’t tell you how much we enjoyed this cruise experience.

So would this be our last cruise, you wonder, and the answer would be a big ‘NO’. DH and myself have been chatting about what sort of cruises we would take in the near future or perhaps next year and honestly, I’m really keen to go on a Bahamas or Caribbean cruise. I have seen beautiful and spectacular photos of the Bahamas and Caribbean islands and I know this would be a great experience for beach lovers like us.

One of the cruises that came to my attention is the Royal Carribean cruise fleet that offers lots of cruising options which covers itineraries that included the European cities and the Alaska. I have also heard much about the first rate accommodation, dining and facilities options that are excellent for every member of the family – from the grand parents to the children.

If you are checking out on cruises for your next vacation, have a look at Direct Line Cruises which accepts live booking and reservations. You can check out rates and cruise deals, including cruise destinations before deciding on your travel plans.

All I can say is that this is our first but definitely not the last cruise for our family. I do believe that everyone should experience a nice cruise in their lifetime – do remember to pick an itinerary that suits you and your lifestyle.

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