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what we did in Oahu with our rental car

Posted on December 15, 2007 by dorisch


It has been an amazing week in Waikiki – lovely sunshine, clear skies, beautiful weather… we had so much fun. We rented a car and drove Oahu island, explored our way in Hanauma Bay Reserve on the first day, then to Kailua and the North Shore on the second.

Kailua is known as the Windward side of Oahu and it truly is! It is, however, a quaint little town with so much charm -less crowd, lots of space, miles of beaches and calm waters. We found a nice spot where we could sit down and be swept by the gentle waves… this could be Clayton’s favourite beach too!

It was good that we had all our cables for our digital camera and videocam for this trip. We took so many photos and videos. We were initially looking out for sophisticated connections like HDMI splitters but it turned out that we didn’t need them.

We also drove to the North Shore, the place known for surfing competitions and big waves but there wasn’t any that day. Though we only had the car for two days in Oahu but we had a fantastic time.

I don’t know why naysayers keep saying that there is nothing much to do in Honolulu but seriously, I’ll come back anytime again just to witness these lovely sunsets and moments…

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