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how about these luxurious dubai apartments?

Posted on December 06, 2007 by dorisch

While chatting with an old friend on msn the other day, he was mentioning about the possibility of being sent to Dubai to head a new company. When I heard that, I was excited for him! Dubai is one place I would love to visit one day, after hearing some much raving reports about its recent growth and development – its billion dollar healthcare project, the modernity and bustling tourism industry, not forgetting the zero corporate tax rate for business people.

What I don’t know is that there are also short term luxury Dubai apartments out for rent if you don’t like to stay in the usual commercial hotels. As a mom of an active toddler, I have learnt to appreciate the convenience and flexibility of renting a hotel apartment when we are on vacation. It makes life easier for me and my three year old. Imagine the space you got, the cosy ambience, the non-restrictive room layout and the freedom to prepare your own meals in the self-contained apartment.



If this is what you are thinking too, then you ought to break free from the usual Dubai hotels and consider one of these Dubai hotel apartments found at I was taking a look at the 3 bedroom apartment situated at the Marina Walk and I must say that it was much better than being cooped in a hotel room! Imagine the space you get for a 1,700 sq ft room that can accommodate up to 6 guests, all for the price of only USD$399!

What I like about the website is that you can check the room availability as you plan your itinerary and complete details of each property are clearly listed on the property page.Where else can you find a hotel room that comes with a private garden like this luxurious villa below? If you ask me, I would choose any one of these luxurious dubai furnished apartments for the good value, complete facilites and amenities that would please every family, business traveler or leisure seeker.


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