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sightseeing in Tokyo

Posted on October 24, 2007 by dorisch

Stepping into the City of Lights which is Paris will immediately transport you into a world of romanticism. With all the antique buildings that were constructed in the great European periods as your panoramic milieu, you cannot help but fall madly and deeply more in love with your significant other. However, if you are talking about Tokyo sightseeing, your scenery is skyscraping buildings that are seemingly a repeat of the Tower of Babylon. 

According to some people, Tokyo sightseeing is not really that fascinating as almost all that your eyes will land are tall buildings that mirror how commercially booming the metropolis is. . Tokyo sightseeing is still very much a pleasure especially for tourists who have never been to the hub of the land of the rising sun. You can ask from the many traveling companies such as Tokyo Access Guide and Japan Solo Guide to introduce you to the various scenes available. You can also join the bus rides that will take you to certain areas that will definitely tickle your interests of discovery.

Ueno Park is situated in Shitamachi where you will be amused with the temples and pagodas. There is also a museum that features artworks from disparate cultures. You can also have the chance to visit one of the leading concert venues in the metropolis, Suntory Hall in Ark Hills. In the month of April, you will be captivated with the sprouting of the cherry blossoms for about a week.

Hama Rikyu is a detached garden that is simply very attractive. You will have a grand experiencing the boat ride especially on a day where the sun is high up in the sky. There is the Zojoji Temple that was the former residence of the Tokugawas, one of the prominent figures in the country. Another site is the Tsukiji Honganji built in the twentieth century which was inspired by an Indian panache.

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