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make your honeymoons special

Posted on October 21, 2007 by dorisch


Honeymoons are a time to remember! Memories are created that last a lifetime and can be cherished by the entire family. Listen to older people, such as the grandparents and see what they have to say on their honeymoon. Some of the stories are quite exciting and humorous. I once heard an elderly couple who went hunting for tattoo designs on their 50th honeymoon!

Your honeymoon will be unique no matter where you both go. Only the two of you will be actively participating unless you have children. Taking children on your honeymoon, does sound a bit unusual and is actually quite common.

Blended families often use this time to get together and help create new bonds between the members of the family. This is a time of celebration, where the parents coming together have formed a new extended family. The children now have step brothers or sisters to play with plus a new step mom or step dad. Along with the extended family come other family members, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins.

A lot of families will go to resorts that cater for families with activities and accommodation to suit everyone. There is everything from bed and breakfasts, farm stays, caravan park resorts to the up market resorts. Anything is possible; it depends on the financial planning for how long you will be able to get away.

In Australia families often go camping in the warmer months. There are some spectacular National Parks and places to visit that do not cost much and make the honeymoon more enjoyable for everyone.

Remember to pack your clothes, plus the tent and the cooking accessories (unless you will be eating takeaway), the first aid kit and the sleeping bags. Please be careful and respect the creatures of the outdoor regions. Some bite and are not as nice as they look. Take the insect repellent as this is very important – mosquitoes bite and can make you sick plus very itchy!

Above all enjoy your family honeymoon and make it a time for everyone to remember!

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