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a vacation to tokyo disneyland

Posted on October 21, 2007 by dorisch


Have you been dreaming to step into a magical kingdom right in the heart of Asia? The continent is profusely blessed with varied cultures that boast of its own characteristics. At present, you can catch more than a glimpse of an American flair by joining the Tokyo Disneyland vacation. The getaway is not only for you to have the time of your life but also for the rest of your loved ones to experience the grandest.

Before going straight to your Tokyo Disneyland vacation, it is wise for you to obtain some factual information. The famous theme park opened its doors to the public in the land of the rising sun on April 15, 1983. This lively tourist destination in Japan is the third construction after the ones in California and Florida. The present address is situated on a land entirely owned by The Oriental Land Company which they considered huge enough to house the world- renowned attraction.

If you are thinking about the weather that might spoil your Tokyo Disneyland vacation, you do not have to worry because the famous theme park is covered with a glass roof. Well, not the whole area, of course because there are also special divisions that need to be in an al fresco setting. The designers had the plan intentional due to the unpredictable climate in the metropolis. So, even if the day is raining cats and dogs outside, the heavy downpour will not be a reason for you to postpone your excursion.

One of the most exciting parts of a Tokyo Disneyland vacation, according to an Orlando cosmetic surgeon, are the several off roads that cannot be entered through a main hub but through a chain of pathways leading to the Main Street. Another interesting facet about this famous theme park is that this is the first ever built outside the territories of the United States. Since, the lively tourist destination is in the land of the rising sun, audio animatronics have been applied in dealing with the history of Japan.

With your Tokyo Disneyland vacation, you will be among the ten million people who regularly visit in an annual basis. There are three standard crowd drawers namely Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Star Tours. All of those rides mentioned were already integrated into the world- renowned attraction since the time of launching. For your queries to be answered, visit their website and log on to

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