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be aware of cruise basics 0

Posted on September 07, 2007 by dorisch

Not too many people can enjoy a cruise let alone the extravagant ones. A cruise even makes anyone to spend extra out-of–pocket costs just to make that vacation really fulfilling. Spending your hard earned money needs a lot of time rethinking of how to make the most out of your money with a holiday cruising lest you will just be seeing your dollars going down the drain.

But what are the basics that make a really fulfilling cruise? Is it the cruise line? Does the destination really matter? Or is there a particular time of the year to spend that hard earned dollars for few nights of getaway?

What you do not know won’t hurt you but the key to understanding the dynamics of cruising is to know the truth even if it hurts. Getting the right information at the right time means a lot of deal for newbie cruiser like. It is not just about paying for your ticket, getting onboard and voila you float yourself away to the destination that you wanted. If you think that it is the way it is done then you are dead wrong, so very wrong indeed.

There is a wealth of vital things that you ought to know before even contemplating a grandiose cruising vacation. Things that will help prepare to the ins and outs of cruising. So be aware of the basics.

all inclusive vacations at The Riviera Maya 0

Posted on September 05, 2007 by dorisch


If a romantic holiday is what you long for with that special someone, you ought to check out karisma hotels, a one-stop place for all-inclusive vacations in the tranquil palm covered, white sandy beaches of The Riviera Maya. With a few hotels with different themes and styles, you can enjoy pure luxury, ultimate relaxation and excellent service in your romantic vacation. At El Dorado Royale, you can experience traditional Mexican in this casually elegant, adults-only beachfront resort offers a unique setting for romantic and relaxing getaways. It is the perfect destination whether you are honeymooning or just looking for a place to enjoy each other and unwind.

As for El Dorado Seaside Suites, this is the newest addition to the collection of luxurious gourmet-inclusive resorts, an upscale boutique resort only for adults. I read that the Cuisine is superb that they have implemented their signature Gourmet Inclusive concept in the resort. All 280 rooms are suites are adorned with lovely décor and romantic four post beds and all are just a few steps from the beach. Beach beds line the shore. The 24-hour room service is included, of course. As are the beverages and many other activities, amenities, and services. W

Now you know why I say it’s going to be a romantic vacation!

cardiff airport parking made easy 0

Posted on September 03, 2007 by dorisch

We all know how tiring it can be when we have to catch those early morning flights and worse, you may even miss the flight if your alarm clock plays up on you! One of the ways to avoid this especially if you are a business traveler, is to stay in an airport hotel, park your car in the airport carpark and focus on catching that air plane in the morning. Well, at least for those who are traveling via Cardiff airport in the UK, this is your option. You can choose from a couple of Cardiff airport hotels and buy a parking package that leave your car secure in the hotel grounds. Transfers to the airport are available from these cardiff hotels and in less than 2 minutes, you will be at the check-in counter with no stress at all 🙂

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