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cruising basics for first time cruisers – part 2

Posted on September 12, 2007 by dorisch

This is a continuation of some cruising basics for the first time cruisers:

4) Extend your patience

Contacting your cruise agents might demand some of you precious time over and over again that makes you blow off your handle. If this happens simmer down, you don’t pay yourself just to get pissed off, you don’t need that. Things like these are expected even if your cruise agents assure you of excellent customer service relations.

There are more instances where your patience will be tested. When you are actually on your way to the cruise waiting for your turn in long queues is customary especially during check-in procedures. In could take an hour or two, so be prepared.

5) Widen your creativity

Being resourceful is a learned characteristic, but it is never too late to explore your own. Your creativity will definitely do great wonders for you. Learn to sweet talk with your agent to give you more discounts and deals on your cruise. Use your charm in meeting with cruise line staff so you will be attended to immediately.

Smile if you must, it will not only give you the favors that you need it will make you feel good as well. Smiling is a good exercise too. So don’t forget to sprinkle a dash of creativity in preparing you for your cruise. A little practice might just help you to get perfect and will just come in handy when you needed it the most.

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