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cruising basics for first time cruisers – part 1

Posted on September 09, 2007 by dorisch

Let’s check out some of these cruising basics for first time cruisers:

1) Broaden your knowledge.

Shopping around the best cruise line that can give you your money’s worth is the first thing to do. If you know of anyone who has tried cruising, then ask for some information, which cruise line to go to. This person mighty just be the perfect source of information that you needed most without the extra cost.

There are actually a plenty of cruise ships from different cruise lines that you can choose from, alright. But not all of them can give you the deals that you really wanted, that is a known fact. Compare prices, amenities and services. Perhaps this will help you in narrowing down your choices.

2) Stretch your budget.

Even if you can afford the first class rate for a cruise, knowing where and when to spend your money is crucial lest you become broke in the middle of the cruise. Great deals are all available. If you want a luxurious service then go ahead to your hearts content. After all it is your money that you are spending, so it is just but fair that enjoy every single centavo that you spent. However, spending wisely can do a great deal and can even take to more avenues for enjoyment.

Making a rough estimate on how much you can actually spend is helpful, plus putting aside a contingency fund will prepare you for some unexpected expenditures towards the duration of the trip, otherwise you will be the only one empty handed while the rest of the tourists carrying a handful of souvenir items from a shopping spree.
3) Lengthen your anticipation.

You can’t help because just the idea of a cruise can make every vagabond soul really excited. But don’t go jumping just yet because a cruise is sometimes reserved months or even a year before you actually cruise yourself way.

More often than not a good deal of cruising is prepared way ahead of time. This will allow you to have enough time to save a little extra and get bid discounts from cruise agents. It is alright to be excited a bit but reserve a little for the actual day of the cruise. Do not in any way exaggerate your anticipation because quite frankly there are a lot of things to do other than that. Save the best for last, that’s it.

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