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Goin to Travel vacation rentals site

Posted on August 30, 2007 by dorisch


This morning, I was introduced to a new vacation rental website called Goin To Travel Vacation Rentals. I thought I would try it out on my Hawaii vacations. The website had a simple and clean look and your search can begin with choosing a destination or clicking on a world map. For me, I entered ‘Hawaii’ and was directed to an advanced search where I could narrow my options to the specific island and location. Since I was determined to find a nice condo or hotel in the Waikiki area, I was presented with a list of vacation rentals in that area.

By this time, I was so familiar with the property names in Waikiki but was surprised that the results presented were vacation rentals I had not heard of, in other words, they were new to me. This was an indication that Going To Travel truly had some unique vacation rentals listed. Unlike most hotel bookings site where consisted of similiar listings of hotels or vacation rentals. And because you could book the vacation rentals directly with the owner, you didn’t have to worry about extra fees paid to middlemen. Each property came with full description and photos to facilitate your selection process. Owners who had properties could also list their sites here.

I was found to find another vacation rentals website where I could search for Paris vacation rentals, New Zealand vacation rentals, London vacation rentals and much more. Bookmark this useful reference for your next vacation.


  1. Robert

    I’ve also decided to go with holiday rental houses instead of hotels. It seems a lot easier to go through a letting agent than the check-in check-out process with hotels and other similar spots.

    Here in South Africa I’ve come to realise one thing however – make sure that you can actually speak to someone if you need to. I have been very impressed with Just Letting in South Africa. Not only is their website ( top notch but should you need to pick up the phone and contact them directly they are always very helpful – even if you are just wanting a little bit of local info.

    I would definately recomend going through one of these type letting agents.

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