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Posted on August 26, 2007 by dorisch

One of the best travel tips I can offer to anyone is to read reviews of other real travelers before you plan your itinerary or make any accommodation or travel bookings. There are many travel review sites contributed by ‘been there, done that’ travelers who not only share their travel experiences but recommend activities, adventures, travel secrets and travel tips with other fellow travelers. These opinions and suggestions are sometimes more reliable than travel books and brochures.

My favourites are Trip Advisor ( and For those who are thinking about an Alaska cruise, Royal Carribean cruise or find out more about discount cruises, check out This is one of the better and more complete site that offers information on cruises, cruise lines, port reviews, cruise reviews and the cruise forum here is one of the best places to get help and suggestions!

The internet has provided so much travel resources for travelers and tourists, whether it’s information on hotel accommodation, flights, destinations, cruises, rental cars, activities, tips, ideas, forums… anything. It has made traveling so exciting and fun!

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