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Goin to Travel vacation rentals site 1

Posted on August 30, 2007 by dorisch


This morning, I was introduced to a new vacation rental website called Goin To Travel Vacation Rentals. I thought I would try it out on my Hawaii vacations. The website had a simple and clean look and your search can begin with choosing a destination or clicking on a world map. For me, I entered ‘Hawaii’ and was directed to an advanced search where I could narrow my options to the specific island and location. Since I was determined to find a nice condo or hotel in the Waikiki area, I was presented with a list of vacation rentals in that area.

By this time, I was so familiar with the property names in Waikiki but was surprised that the results presented were vacation rentals I had not heard of, in other words, they were new to me. This was an indication that Going To Travel truly had some unique vacation rentals listed. Unlike most hotel bookings site where consisted of similiar listings of hotels or vacation rentals. And because you could book the vacation rentals directly with the owner, you didn’t have to worry about extra fees paid to middlemen. Each property came with full description and photos to facilitate your selection process. Owners who had properties could also list their sites here.

I was found to find another vacation rentals website where I could search for Paris vacation rentals, New Zealand vacation rentals, London vacation rentals and much more. Bookmark this useful reference for your next vacation.

the wait is over – the Hawaii Superferry is here! 0

Posted on August 27, 2007 by dorisch


Finally, there is another option to go island hopping in Hawaii. Till now, the only ways to visit all Hawaii islands are by flight and by taking the Hawaii crusie by here comes the launch of the Hawaii Superferry which will begin its service on 28 August. Curently, the service will link Oahu with Maui and Kauai, and will hold 866 passengers and 282 cars, and the company may be adding one more route later.

So is the Hawaii Superferry a cheaper way to do some island hopping? Here is the information from Fares for weekday travel on the Superferry are $44 per adult with 14-day advance purchase, and less for kids and seniors. Cars cost $59 each. How does the ferry price compare to flight costs? On a sample weekday in September, fares on Go! For $30 between Honolulu, Oahu, and Lihue, Kauai. On Aloha, there were sale fares from $49, but they were sold out and the cheapest bookable fare found came out to $94.

Prices aside, this can be a more convenient option to checking in and out of the airport and waiting delays. Driving your car into the ferry means you don’t need to bring your luggages around, definitely ideal for those traveling with children!

travel reviews by real travelers 0

Posted on August 26, 2007 by dorisch

One of the best travel tips I can offer to anyone is to read reviews of other real travelers before you plan your itinerary or make any accommodation or travel bookings. There are many travel review sites contributed by ‘been there, done that’ travelers who not only share their travel experiences but recommend activities, adventures, travel secrets and travel tips with other fellow travelers. These opinions and suggestions are sometimes more reliable than travel books and brochures.

My favourites are Trip Advisor ( and For those who are thinking about an Alaska cruise, Royal Carribean cruise or find out more about discount cruises, check out This is one of the better and more complete site that offers information on cruises, cruise lines, port reviews, cruise reviews and the cruise forum here is one of the best places to get help and suggestions!

The internet has provided so much travel resources for travelers and tourists, whether it’s information on hotel accommodation, flights, destinations, cruises, rental cars, activities, tips, ideas, forums… anything. It has made traveling so exciting and fun!

research continues 0

Posted on August 25, 2007 by dorisch

Discount Hotel Reservation

Ten Amazing Beach Trips to Try

It’s been a busy week and that explains why I’m been a bit irregular in updating this blog. I’ve been researching on our Hawaii accommodation and Hawaii cruise. It’s disappointing that after writing to few travel sites, no one but one has responded. Even then, that company who responded only replied once – what’s going on? Don’t they care about customer service? That explains why I prefer to book with sites like or HotelClub where I get my confirmation instantly. Don’t need to go through all the ‘human’ interaction.

My research continues…

travel diary 0

Posted on August 22, 2007 by dorisch

Do you keep a travel diary? I do. I bought a Moleskine notebook to record our vacation notes and stories in our first New Zealand trip 2 years ago. Being a minimalist, I couldn’t resist the stylish, black handy notebook. There is something about this simple looking notebook. To me, it is artistic and unique. It has been my travel companion in the last 2 years! I just found a website called Sky Cow Books that offers low prices on these quality Moleskine notebooks.  Well, it doesn’t quite matter what you use to record your memories and travel tales as long as you record it! Keep all the hotel and flight information and details especially if you are traveling on a free and easy vacation. This will save you time from digging through those scraps of paper you have scribbled on 🙂

our Hawaii cruise 0

Posted on August 18, 2007 by dorisch

Last weekend, I’ve been busy scouting for nice Hawaii cruises and it looks like I’ve only one cruise line to consider, that is, the Norwegian Cruise Line. Since we are thinking of departing from Honolulu and can only afford 7 nights, the Pride of America seems the only option. With prices ranging from $699 to more than $3,000, the 7 days island hopping Hawaii cruise sounds like a nice thing to do for the family. As usual, I did my research via Google and didn’t find too many raving reviews. While I like to read unbiased ones, I would like to believe that there are better ones in the Net. I submitted a couple of requests to several online travel agents but none has replied – I would expect a better service than this 🙁 Well, this goes to show that some travel sites do not live up to its reputation of offering superior customer service.

My research on Norwegian Cruise Line continues…

Top 10: rich cities 0

Posted on August 15, 2007 by dorisch

I love receiving updates from TripAdvisor. It keeps me informed of which destinations I should consider in my next vacation. While I never thought about visiting a rich city, today’s TripAdvisor highlights the Top 10 rich cities and actually, I have been to two of them, which are Tokyo, Japan and Hong Kong. Well, for some reason, these are the two places I’ve been thinking about these few weeks! They have one thing in common: Great shopping!

Well… if you are all ready to splurge and spend, here are the Top 10:


1.      Tokyo, Japan
2.      Osaka, Japan
3.      London, United Kingdom
4.      Moscow, Russia
5.      Seoul, South Korea
6.      Geneva, Switzerland
7.      Zurich, Switzerland
8.      Copenhagen, Denmark
9.      Hong Kong, Hong Kong
10.    Oslo, Norway

sunset suites, perth, australia 1

Posted on August 10, 2007 by dorisch


I admire nice interiors and fine quality furnishings when I travel.

In our last year’s trip to Perth, the apartment I liked most was The Sunset Suites (in Cottesloe and Fremantle). The owners of these self-contained apartment had looked into every detail to make the place comfortable, luxurious, relaxing and appealing. Read the rest of this entry →

our queenstown highlights 0

Posted on August 06, 2007 by dorisch

Alex and myself are both adrenalin seekers to some extent. He loves the wild water adventures and me, anything in the air! Alex booked himself with ‘Serious Fun River Surfing’. According to Alex (his exact words), this 4-hour activity at the Kawarau River is for the brave-hearted ones who want to experience the ‘unknown’ of the fast rapids!

Well, it’s definitely not for me! I opt for hang-gliding with ‘Skytrek’, the only company that is licensed to hang glide at The Remarkables. That was an amazing and awesome experience. The views were incredibly beautiful. The best part of it was the ability to control and fly the kite (with supervision of course!) at some point.

Read the rest of this entry →

Queenstown, New Zealand – a hot favourite 1

Posted on August 03, 2007 by dorisch

Before coming to Queenstown, I asked friends who had holidayed in New Zealand on which was their favourite city. All of them surprised me with a common answer…… Queenstown! With that in mind, we planned a longer stay here. With so many people echoing the same sentiment, it can’t be wrong.

The first thing that impresses me as I set foot in this well-talked about town are the mountain ranges of the Remarkables and the calm waters of Lake Wakatipu.

We spent alot of time at the Queenstown jetty during our days here. It is a simple and enjoyable way to have a true holiday and for us, a great way to spend quality time with little Clayton. He loves the hungry birds and New Zealand ducks at the waters. Read the rest of this entry →

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