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ways to save on travel

Posted on July 20, 2007 by dorisch

Most of us love to travel but going on a holiday can be costly unless you do some careful planning. Here are some ways to save:

• Airfare
Compare carrier: Unless you are going on a package tour, you can save quite a bit by choosing the right airline to fly with. The carrier you chose can vary between S$200-S$500. Look out for promotional prices and travel fairs.

Direct flights usually cost more than those with stopovers. But don’t forget that you will waste more time for transits or stopovers.

Flying by day or night can also determine a price difference. Depending on destinations, some carriers charge more for night flights than day ones.

Peak or off-peak? As we all know, peak periods (school holidays or holiday season) can be dearer. You can save about $300 when flying on non-peak periods.

• Accommodation
Spending your nights in a three-star would cost less than a five-star hotel. Chances are, you won’t be spending that much time in the luxurious room. Check on last minute deals ( or which can be cheaper than usual. Tip: Avoid doing this during peak season. Last minute deals mean you can’t book way way ahead.

• Sightseeing
If you are on budget, choose a package where everything is included.Travel agents can get better rates with no hidden costs. However, all-sights inclusive option can mean lesser flexibility.

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