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Posted on July 12, 2007 by dorisch

One of the places in my ‘must see’ list is the UK… London, Italy, Spain, Prague are the tops in the list! Yet, I have heard much about how expensive accommodations can be in the UK where even 3 star hotels can cost around $100. So it is worth spending time researching and comparing hotels and prices once you have decided where you are travelling.
With so many accommodation choices and options, how do you go about with choosing the right place to stay? Here are my suggestions on choosing a hotel in the UK:

1) It is useful to find out WHERE exactly the hotel is located.
Is it near the heart of town? How far is it from the airport? Is it near any places of attraction?

2) What sort of rooms are available?
Deluxe? Superior? Bedding configuration? Smoking/Non-smoking floors?

3) What are the rates for different room types?
Any discounts or promotions available during your travel period? Does the rate include breakfast or taxes?

4) Are credit cards accepted?
The types of credit cards the hotels accept. Some smaller establishments such as Bed and Breakfast or Guest Inns accept only cash.

5) Can you book online?
If yes, will you be issued a confirmation number? What are the cancellation policies? Any additional charges when booking online?

6) What are the facilities available in the hotel?
Internet connectivity? Business services? Restaurants? Kitchenette? Leisure or recreational available?

7) Is it child-friendly?
This is important as not all hotels esp adult hotels accept children. Some hotels only accept children above a certain age.

With the above suggestions, you can also find out detailed information of hotels and plot out your itineraries with information available online. View the different kinds of accommodations from country retreats to classic hotels, to luxury ones or those in the heart of the city.

Whatever it is, do your research and plan before you travel. This will ensure a smooth vacation for you and your family.

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