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Top Lakeside destinations 0

Posted on July 31, 2007 by dorisch

Need some cool suggestions for lakeside destinations? Here are the Top 10 for your pick. Though I do prefer oceans and beaches, some lakeside places can be charming and relaxing too. Among these Top 10 recommended lakeside destinations suggested by TripAdvisor, I am glad that I had been to Lake Taupo, New Zealand… it was truly a romantic and serene place to unwind and relax. So check them out!


1.       Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy
2.      Lake Placid, N.Y.
3.      Lake Windermere, United Kingdom
4.      Lake Huron, Mackinac Island, Mich.
5.      Lake Taupo, Taupo, New Zealand
6.      Lake Havasu, Lake Havasu City, Ariz.
7.      Great Salt Lake, Salt Lake City, Utah
8.      Lake George, N.Y.
9.      Lake Geneva, Montreux, Switzerland
10.    Lake Louise, Banff, Canada

discovering cinque terre, italy 0

Posted on July 28, 2007 by dorisch


This place looks like a romantic paradise for couples, honeymooners or vacationers who seek pure relaxation and indulgence outside Italy. Situated high above the green hills of Italy’s northwest coast, overlooking the Ligurian Sea, this is Cinque Terre all to myself. Though you may be rubbing shoulders with a tourist everywhere you go, there are ways to escape the crowd and find some serenity and quietness.

Take a eight mile walk can be a unique experience at the Sentiero Azzuro, also known as the ‘blue trail’. Though it may be a challenging terrain as one travels between the five villages, the natural charm of the trail is discovered along the way. Alternatively, rent a sea kayak and snorkel gear at the Coopsub Cinque Terre in Riomaggiore. You can choose to join other tourists or outdoor seekers for the trip if you are all alone. This may be just another way to tuck away from the summer sun and enjoy a cool dip on a hot day.

ways to save on travel 0

Posted on July 20, 2007 by dorisch

Most of us love to travel but going on a holiday can be costly unless you do some careful planning. Here are some ways to save: Read the rest of this entry →

choose your travel options 0

Posted on July 17, 2007 by dorisch

Some friends call me ‘travelling mom’ and I do have to live up to that name! I took Clayton on his first overseas trip when he was 3 months old – took him in my Baby Bjorn and we hopped up the coach and that was exciting.

Besides Singapore, Clayton has been to New Zealand and Australia, he is trained to be a good traveller cos his mommie is a travel freak 🙂 I am very used to planning my own travel vacations but I know some may prefer to get help through a network or travel company.

Many vacation providers assist individuals, families or even corporates by catering to their vacation needs. This may include travel arrangements related to air travel, accommodation booking, tours, itinerary planning, car rentals and more. Usually, vacation providers get good rates from these hotel or tour operators and these savings can be significant in reducing your travel costs.

The choice of planning a vacation depends on your style, personality, preference and needs. And you need to do your own research whether you decide to go Free and Easy or seek advice from a vacation provider.

Top 10 places to pamper yourself 0

Posted on July 15, 2007 by dorisch

Looking for travel ideas? Here are the TOP 10 to places spoil yourself rotten:

1. Maui, Hawaii
2. Paradise Island, Bahamas
3. Positano, Italy
4. Naples, Fla.
5. Los Cabos, Mexico
6. Sedona, Arizona
7. Baden-Baden, Germany
8. Carmel, Calif.
9. Bali, Indonesia
10. Turks and Caicos

tips for accommodation finding 0

Posted on July 12, 2007 by dorisch

One of the places in my ‘must see’ list is the UK… London, Italy, Spain, Prague are the tops in the list! Yet, I have heard much about how expensive accommodations can be in the UK where even 3 star hotels can cost around $100. So it is worth spending time researching and comparing hotels and prices once you have decided where you are travelling. Read the rest of this entry →

dreaming of the carribeans 0

Posted on July 10, 2007 by dorisch

I want to go to the Carribean islands! I’ve never been there but I read from some advertisers’ websites that some of these all-inclusive vacations come with a beachfront property and a stay-in nanny who will look after your kiddo! Wow, that means DH and me can go snorkelling, beach walking, jet skiing, do all the extreme adventures without worrying about little Clayton. And the crystal clear waters in the Carribeans is marvelous! Just by looking at those vacation pictures, I’m already in that vacation mood.

Plus, these family-friendly resorts cater fun activities for children so they too can enjoy themselves while the adults have their time of relaxation and serious fun too! Let’s see – Jamaica sounds nice… sipping cocktails by the beach and witnessing the most beautiful sunset… all these sounds too enticing!

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